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Hit and Run Driver Case Study: Why Uninsured and Under Insured Motorist Coverage is SO Important

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Last year, we were engaged by a mother seeking justice for her daughter.  Her young daughter was struck by a hit and run driver.  Her daughter was severely injured, with a complex break in her leg that required surgery and a lengthy hospital stay.  In this situation, we had a photo to investigate the license plate and whether or not there was insurance coverage on the vehicle operated by the hit and run driver.

As we surmised, the hit and run driver and vehicle were uninsured.  In a scenario such as this, in Pennsylvania, we can sometimes collect a limited amount of compensation from the Pennsylvania Assigned Claims Plan … if the accident victim or person struck by the hit and run driver does not have car insurance.  However, in this case, the victim’s mother did have car insurance.  So, we were not able to pursue the Assigned Claims Plan Avenue.  Instead, we were forced to look to the victim’s mother’s policy. 

As you may have guessed, the victim’s mother rejected Uninsured and Under Insured motorist coverage, facilitating a devastating outcome.  When an insured rejects uninsured and under insured motorist coverage, that rejection affects every person covered by the policy.  The people covered by the policy would be any resident relative that does not have his or her own coverage, like children, parents, spouses, siblings. 

Unfortunately, we were unable to recover anything for the hit and run victim, as all avenues for recovery were exhausted.  In order to protect yourself and your loved ones from this situation, do not reject Uninsured and Under Insured Motorist coverage on your policy.  This option is very inexpensive and can help you and your loved ones avoid a tragedy.

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UPDATE: On the day this article was written, a terrible tragedy occurred for a Temple student and his family in Philadelphia. He was struck by a hit and run driver near 8th Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue, and was killed. This firm and the community is devastated for this man and his family. Unfortunately, the suspect is still at large. This firm and the community sincerely hope that the suspect is found and brought to justice in this heartbreaking case. This case is a terrible reminder of the impact of hit and run accidents.

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