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Hit by a Car and Injured – 3 Steps You Can Take to Help Yourself

hit by a car and injured

Protecting Your Rights When You are Hit by a Car and Injured

If you were hit by a car and injured (what lawyers call pedestrian cases) here are 3 steps you can take to help yourself.    


First, after you have been hit by a car and injured IF you CAN, call the police or ask a bystander to call 911.  It is critical to have police on the scene to investigate the accident and to create a record.  Often times, injuries from pedestrian accidents are bad enough where the accident victim is unable to call the police.  If you are a witness to a person who was hit by a car and injured – please step up and take action.  Call 911 and please stay around to give a statement.  Sometimes, witnesses do not want to get involved, but consider it a civic duty.  Witness statements in pedestrian cases can be of critical importance, and sometimes these statements are the only way to get accurate accident information. 


Second, take note of your location.  If there are no witnesses, there may be a business nearby with outside video.  Many times, these video cameras will catch the accident.  These videos can help catch hit and run drivers (for more information on how to protect yourself against hit and run drivers, click here) and can verify the accident victim’s version of the facts.  There are circumstances where drivers who hit pedestrians claim that the pedestrian darted out into traffic, which caused the accident.  A video can dispute the defendant driver’s version of the accident, and help to prove the pedestrian’s case.  It is important to note, that businesses do not save these videos for very long. You must reach out to business owners immediately to try to get a copy of the video.  Otherwise, all footage may be lost or taped over for good.     


Third, make sure you get proper evaluation and treatment of your injuries.  Chances are, you were taken to the hospital immediately after the accident. This hospital visit is important for thorough assessment of your injuries.  Hospitals often perform x-rays and CT scans to help diagnose broken bones and internal injuries.  You may not feel your injuries immediately, so it is important to be assessed by medical professionals who understand the possible underlying injuries of a person who has been hit by a car and injured.  Additionally, at this hospital visit, the medical staff can give you recommendations for follow up treatment. For example, you will normally have recommendations for orthopedic doctors when you have an orthopedic injury, such as a torn rotator cuff or a fractured femur.

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