Slip and Fall Accidents: Slip and fall attorney summary

Icy Conditions and Slip and Fall Accidents: A Slip and Fall Attorney Summary

The freezing rain and icy conditions this winter have been leading to slip and fall accidents all over the region.  When a person slips and falls as a result of icy conditions, generally the property owner (by and through the property owner’s premises INSURANCE or homeowner’s INSURANCE) bears the responsibility for the accident.  The property owner, and sometimes the person who leases the property, has a duty to maintain the property.  A property cannot be left in a dangerous condition.

However, in Pennsylvania, there are certain notice requirements that must be met in order to bring a slip and fall lawsuit.  In other words, the property owner must have notice of the dangerous or defective condition on his or her property.  For instance, if the snow started falling one hour ago, and it is continuing to snow, and you fall on someone’s property as a result of the snow, there may not be enough notice to the property owner, or enough time for a reasonable person to shovel or clean up the dangerous condition.  There are also different standards of care owed to different people invited onto a premises, such as a business invitee, a public invitee, a licensee or a trespasser.  The standard for maintaining a premises in a safe condition is different for a business invitee than it is for a trespasser.

The law can be complex when it comes to slip and fall accidents.  If you need an experienced slip and fall attorney, call us toll free at 855-U-CAN-SUE, or (855) 822-6783.  Our slip and fall attorneys will give you a FREE consultation and an honest assessment of your case.  Our slip and fall attorneys NEVER take a fee unless they win money for YOU.


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