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Insurance Companies Pay the Judgment: Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

What happens when you get into a car accident or are the victim of other negligence (like medical malpractice or a slip and fall) and you sue the person who caused the accident? Who pays the judgment? The INSURANCE COMPANY PAYS THE JUDGMENT. As Philadelphia personal injury lawyers, we are here to dispel the rumors that the defendant pays the amount of the verdict won in court, also called the judgment.

In Pennsylvania, we must file a lawsuit against a person NOT an insurance company in personal injury matters. Therefore, we cannot name the insurance company on the complaint. And insurance is not allowed to be mentioned in court. However, it is the defendant’s insurance company who defends the case and pays the judgment. The defendant’s lawyer (or lawyers) is paid by the insurance company to defend the case. If there is a verdict in favor of the plaintiff, the insurance company will pay the amount of the verdict, NOT THE DEFENDANT. And that is the whole reason why the defendant paid insurance premiums . . . so that the insurance company would defend his or her case, and pay the judgment.

As Philadelphia personal injury lawyers, we often hear that jurors feel some sympathy for the defendant, and do not want the defendant to endure the financial burden of having to pay the plaintiff’s verdict. But many times, jurors are unaware that the defendant will not be paying the amount of the verdict, the insurance company will actually be paying the verdict.

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