Insurance Issues: Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer

Insurance Issues: Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents involve a myriad of insurance issues for all injured parties. Often times, with tractor trailer accidents, the truck and the trailer are owned separately. Quite frequently, the driver owns the tractor while a different company owns the trailer and cargo. This scenario can lead to the question, is the driver an employee of the cargo company or an independent contractor? Who holds the insurance – the driver or the cargo company? Our Philadelphia truck accident lawyers can help you find the answers.

It has been our experience that arrangements like the above are usually purposeful, aimed to create confusion and serve as a basis for insurance companies to deny liability. A careful lawyer will make sure all parties are named in a lawsuit.

Additionally, truck owners and operators are required to carry higher limit insurance policies. These higher policies help compensate those who have been injured in the truck accident and offset the risk of the truck on the road … the bigger the vehicle, the more risk of injury it can cause.

Truckers are further required to follow state and federal regulations concerning cargo limits, truck maintenance and the length of time a driver can be behind the wheel. Violations of these regulations can prove helpful for a plaintiff’s case.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, call our Philadelphia truck accident lawyers. Truck accidents can have devastating effects on the lives of the injured and their families. Our experienced Philadelphia truck accident lawyers can help guide you on your road to recovery.


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