Police Brutality - Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

Victim of Police Brutality – Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

Earlier this year, a high school student was walking with his teammates on his way to a basketball game, when police approached him. The student was patted down by a female officer so violently, that she ruptured his testicle. The student was required to undergo emergency surgery at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The student’s mother was told by his doctor to press charges against the officer who physically assaulted her son. The Philadelphia police actually pressed charges against the student, citing resisting arrest and aggravated assault. This scenario is the classic he-said-she-said story of police brutality. Stories like this one were thrust into the media’s glare after Rodney King and Michael Brown. The ACLU reports that police brutality is a serious problem in this country.

In Philadelphia, we certainly have our share of police brutality. Countless complaints of officers being too aggressive and causing injury to those they are sworn to protect. It is a problem that needs attention and needs ramification. You can help. If you have been the victim of police brutality, and you need an injury lawyer in Philadelphia, call us. One of our injury lawyers in Philadelphia will give you a free consultation.


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