Burn Injuries

Fires and burns are the fifth most common cause of accidental death in children and adults, and account for an estimated 4,000 child and adult deaths per year. Burns are often caused by scalding water, exposed radiators or other heating elements, faulty electrical work, car and truck accidents, defective products, and sadly, even child abuse. Often times, burn injuries are sustained in buildings or residences without smoke alarms or without properly maintained smoke alarms. Burn injuries are serious, and often result in scarring, require surgeries, such as skin grafting, and can even result in death.

Generally, burn victims must look to insurance coverage to recover for their pain and suffering and other losses. That insurance coverage may be a homeowner’s policy, auto insurance or a company’s liability insurance. At Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, we know how to handle insurance companies. We have 34 years of experience in dealing with insurance companies. And we use that experience to get burn victims every dollar that their case is worth. If you or a loved one is the victim of a burn injury, call us today for your free consultation. We are skilled trial attorneys and have been fighting for the rights of burn victims for over 34 years.