Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury has gotten much more media attention lately.  We have heard about professional athletes suffering from this type of injury, and even high school football players who have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury.  One of the most recent news stories to focus on traumatic brain injury involves comedian Tracy Morgan.  Pictures of Tracy Morgan’s Recovery.

Morgan was a passenger in a limo that was struck by a Walmart truck.  The six vehicle accident left Morgan with serious injuries, including a broken femur, leg, nose, ribs and a traumatic brain injury.  Morgan was notably absent from Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary show, which aired on February 15, 2015.  He was discussed during the show and it was noted that he was still recovering from his injuries.  A further discussion on the extent of Morgan’s injuries can be found here


Icy Conditions and Slip and Fall Accidents: A Slip and Fall Attorney Summary

The freezing rain and icy conditions this winter have been leading to slip and fall accidents all over the region.  When a person slips and falls as a result of icy conditions, generally the property owner (by and through the property owner’s premises INSURANCE or homeowner’s INSURANCE) bears the responsibility for the accident.  The property…