Umbilical Cord Compression

My baby was injured from umbilical cord compression, do I have a case?

The umbilical cord is the supply line, which delivers nutrients, blood and oxygen to a fetus and removes the fetus’ waste products. When the umbilical cord prolapses, or enters the birth canal before the fetus, the baby can compress or crush the cord, which cuts off the baby’s supply of blood and oxygen. Often times, a cord prolapse occurs as a result of a breech position, premature rupture of the membranes or preterm delivery. Umbilical cord prolapse is extremely dangerous, and necessitates immediate medical intervention. An emergency C-section may need to be performed. Umbilical cord prolapse may be detected by fetal monitoring strips, which would show heart rate abnormalities, or a pelvic exam.

A nuchal cord is a cord that is wrapped around a baby’s neck. Sometimes, a nuchal cord causes no problems for a baby, but sometimes, cord compression can result and cut off the baby’s blood and oxygen flow. A nuchal cord warrants careful monitoring by medical staff to insure a healthy baby.

Any time there is compression of the umbilical cord, there is a risk of injury to the baby. The baby can suffer brain damage, cerebral palsy, or even death. The spectrum of the injury varies with the degree of oxygen deprivation to the baby. Skilled physicians and hospital staff are necessary to avoid injury. The position of the umbilical cord can often be seen on an ultrasound, which can help physicians determine risk and a proper birth strategy.

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