Fetal Monitoring

My baby was in distress, fetal monitoring strips were ignored, and my baby was injured. Do I have a case?

During labor, a baby’s heart rate is monitored in order to determine whether the baby is in distress. Close attention to the monitoring device is necessary in order to insure a healthy baby. If the monitoring strips or device is not read accurately, or if there is insufficient communication between doctors and staff, a baby could suffer permanent consequences, such as cerebral palsy, brain damage, or a number of other complications. In the event of fetal distress, a doctor would often need to perform an emergency C-section. If there is a delay in ordering the C-section, irreparable consequences could result for the baby.

Fetal monitoring is an essential part of the delivery process. It tells the story of the baby during the birthing process. Doctors and hospital staff must be closely attuned to the signs on the monitoring device. With electronic fetal monitoring, a baseline heart rate is determined. From there, nurses and doctors will look for accelerations and decelerations in the baby’s heart rate. They will also be assessing uterine contractions of the mother and looking for patterns of accelerations and decelerations of the baby’s heart rate based upon those uterine contractions.

The purpose of fetal monitoring is to avoid situations where a baby develops fetal acidosis, hypoxia or other conditions, which can cause permanent and potentially fatal injury. Doctors and hospital staff must be vigilant in correctly assessing the fetal monitoring device, vigilant in communicating the results of the device and must even be vigilant about properly attaching the device onto the mother.

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