Fetal Acidosis

My baby had fetal acidosis, and suffered a birth injury. Do I have a case?

Fetal Acidosis refers to low blood pH in a fetus. This complication often arises when the baby is deprived of oxygen. Fetal acidosis can result from umbilical cord complications, a mother who is not receiving enough oxygen during delivery, epidural anesthesia, uterine contractions, placental abruption, neonatal anemia or infection. Long labors and maternal and fetal distress can lead to fetal acidosis. Fetal acidosis can cause brain damage and even death in a newborn.

Good obstetric care and a careful labor and delivery team are essential to the birth of a healthy baby. It is essential to have accurate monitoring of the fetus and the mother during birth, to ensure that the mother is receiving enough oxygen and that the fetus is not in undue distress.

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