Drunk Driving Accidents

The ramifications of a drunk driving accident can be devastating.  The Attorneys of Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. handle cases involving drunk driving accidents and injuries resulting from a drunk driver. A drunk driver is generally liable for harm caused by his negligence, but additionally, often there is liability for injuries caused by the individual, bar or restaurant that provided the alcohol to the driver. Businesses can also be held responsible for continuing to serve alcohol to persons who are already intoxicated and then cause damage to others. In addition to being compensated for medical expenses, lost wages and loss of quality of life, punitive damages can be awarded to victims in an effort to punish and deter the drunk driver from harming others in the future.

Drunk driving is also an exception to the limited tort rule.  If you selected the limited tort option on your auto insurance, you will not be compensated for pain and suffering unless you have suffered a fatal injury, permanent disfigurement or a serious impairment of a bodily function, as defined by Pennsylvania law.  However, a limited tort victim of a drunk driver or drunk driving accident will be considered full tort status because drunk driving is carved out as an exception to the limited tort rule.

Alcohol also plays an important role in bar accidents, including slip and falls, bar fights and even instances where bouncers are overzealous or cause injury to patrons or others.   Most bars and nightclubs employ bouncers, and at certain times, bouncers can use too much force, which results in injury to the bar patron or other.  In these instances, the bar or nightclub also bears liability for the bouncers acts which occur in the course and scope of his employment.  The injuries from these types of cases can be severe.  The use of cell phone cameras have proven to be very useful in these cases, as the depiction of the scene and injuries can be immediately captured and preserved.

Bar and nightclub slip and fall accidents are extremely common as a result of dimly lit areas that contain wet or slippery substances, such as spilled drinks.  In certain circumstances, lack of light and a slippery floor can create a dangerous condition for which a bar or nightclub owner would be liable.  Pennsylvania law requires that certain notice provisions be met when pursuing an alcohol related premises liability, or slip and fall case.

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