Sexual Abuse

Victims of sexual abuse have two avenues in which to seek justice: criminal and civil. The civil avenue can help financially compensate the victim for the pain and suffering caused by the sexual abuse. Often, victims of sexual abuse have physical and emotional scars that will last a lifetime.

Typical defendants in sex abuse cases are religious leaders, day care workers, childcare providers, physicians, counselors, teachers, or any other person who commits an act of sexual abuse. As with most other personal injury cases, the compensation sought to help make the victim of sexual abuse whole, comes from the insurer of the defendant or the institution that employed the defendant. Our firm knows how to handle these insurance companies.

At Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, we are well versed in sexual abuse cases. We know how to advocate for abuse victims. We know how frustrating and lengthy the criminal aspect of sexual abuse cases can be. In the past, we have even advocated for victims to help facilitate the criminal prosecution of the abuser. If you or your child or loved one is the victim of sexual abuse, call us today for your free and confidential consultation. We are skilled trial attorneys and have been fighting for the rights of sexual abuse victims for over 34 years.