Foster Care Abuse

Foster care abuse cases are some of the most heart wrenching and frustrating cases that we have handled. These cases often lead us to ask the question how could this happen? Certain agencies and companies have a duty to screen and monitor foster parents and their households. Often times, the system fails. The screening process is not performed properly and the monitoring process is not performed properly.

Unfortunately, these children, who are already vulnerable at the time they go into foster care, suffer a lifetime of physical and emotional pain because of the negligence of these agencies and companies. Some children are severely abused and will require care for life.

At Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, we are well versed in foster care abuse cases. We know how to advocate for abuse victims. We know how frustrating and lengthy the criminal aspect of foster care abuse cases can be. In the past, we have even advocated for victims to help facilitate the criminal prosecution of the abuser. If your child or loved one is the victim of foster care abuse, call us today for your free consultation. We are skilled trial attorneys and have been fighting for the rights of abuse victims for over 34 years.