Jenner Texting? The Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

Was Jenner Texting and Driving? A Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Weighs In

On February 7, 2015, Bruce Jenner was part of a multiple car accident.  Jenner rear ended a woman with his SUV, pushing her into oncoming traffic.  The woman passed away as a result of her injuries.  The patriarch of the Kardashian clan must comply with a search warrant that was issued for his cell phone records, in order to prove that he in fact was not texting or otherwise using his cell phone at the time of the fatal accident.  More information about the accident can be found here:

We know that texting and driving has become an enormous problem.  There are numerous public service announcements regarding the perils of texting and driving and phone manufacturers are devising ways to prevent texting and driving.  However, at this point, texting and driving is still creating accident after accident.  So, what can you do to PROTECT yourself?

Obviously, don’t text and drive.  But, beyond that, when you are on the road, look around you.  In a traffic situation, people who are either texting or using a cell phone are quite apparent.  They are usually looking down instead of at the road.   Often times, instead of accelerating when it is their turn to drive, they idle for too long.  If you observe this, keep a safe distance or change lanes.  Additionally, try to remember their license plate.  If they do cause an accident, you could be a witness.  If you are the victim of the accident, take it from this Philadelphia car accident lawyer, you WILL want to be armed with the knowledge that the potential defendant was texting and driving.  Using a phone during an accident will weigh heavily against the defendant.

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